Zahi Tene

Zahi Tene Zeev_Cohen_office_photo_by_kfir_bolotin_21

Jurist LLB, and Real estate appraiser

Certified real estate appraiser –      1993 –    Certified real estate appraiser, license No. 352.

Has been employed by the firm for about 20 years.

Additional degrees –  1984 –    Graduated from the Tel Aviv branch of the Technion’s Property Management and Real Estate Appraisal course.

2008 –    Jurist – LLB from the Ono Academic Campus.

Activities –    1976 –    Completed service with the IDF in the field of mapping, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

1995 –    Owner of own independent real estate appraisal firm.

1998 –    Independent real estate appraiser with the Zeev Cohen real estate appraising firm, in Tel Aviv.

2002 –    Land taxation workshop – the Israel Real Estate Appraisers Association.

2002 –    Advanced course in Law, Planning and Land – Bar Ilan University’s Center for Commercial Law.

2003 –    A graduate of the Arbitrators Course and Workshop in Arbitration Laws arranged by the Association of Real Estate Appraisers in Israel.

2004 –    A member of the General Municipal Taxes Appeals Committee for the Gan Raveh Regional Council.

2007 –    Mediation and dispute resolution studies at the Barak-Melamed Institute, Tel Aviv.

2008 –    Member of the Israel Real Estate Appraisers Association’s Disciplinary Committee.

Within the scope of his work, he has been involved in a wide range of financial activities, including:

  • Preparing various valuations for local municipal town planning committees, such as those of: Tel Aviv, Rishon-le-Zion, Netanya, and the Sorkot Local Town Planning Committee.
  • Valuations and consulting for public corporations and bodies including: the Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd.; IGUDAN – the Dan Towns Association for Environmental Infrastructure; the Israel Ports Corporation; Clal Industries; Carmel Agrexco; the Upper Galilee Water and Drainage Enterprises, etc.
  • Such construction and development companies as: Shikun Ovdim, Africa-Israel, Azorim and Ashdar.
  • Preparing professional opinions for banks – the First International Bank’s Property Department.
  • Preparing valuations for financial statements – I.F.R.S.
  • Preparing valuations for law firms and appearances in court and appeals committees, inter alia, involving claims for value erosion and compulsory acquisition.
  • Appeals on property valuations involving plots for the expansion of moshavs, including: Tzafria, Hemed, Kfar Chabad, Gaaliya.