Rafi Levi

Rafi Levi Zeev_Cohen_office_photo_by_kfir_bolotin_27

Business Administration (BA) and Real estate appraiser

Certified real estate appraiser –      2007 –    Certified real estate appraiser license No. 1599.

Has been employed by the firm for about 10 years.

Additional degrees –    2002 –    A Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the College for Administration.

2007 –    Graduated in Real Estate Appraisal studies from the Ramat Gan College.

Activities –  2003 –    Real estate consultant and manager of Anglo Saxon Realty’s commercial department in the region of Lod, Ramla, Shoham, Be’er Yakov and moshavs within the coastal plain.

2005 –    Real estate appraisals apprentice at the Tel Aviv & Central office of the Property Valuation Department that is attached to the Ministry of Justice (State Valuer’s Office").

Within the scope of his work, he has been involved in a wide range of financial activities, including:

  • Preparing real estate appraisals for financial statements – I.F.R.S.
  • Preparing valuations for tourist attractions – Eilat town beaches.
  • Preparing appraisals for Land Betterment Levy.