Erez Cohen

Erez Cohen Zeev_Cohen_office_photo_by_kfir_bolotin_31

Geographer (BA), jurist LLB., real estate appraiser

Previous experience and education

 present The firm’s manager 2012

Chairman of the Association of Real Estate Appraisers in Israel 2008 – 2011      

A member of the Ministry of Justice Real Estate Appraisers Council, an observer on the Appraisals Standards Committee

2009 –     Jurist – LLB from the Academic Campus in Kiriat Ono

2005 –     Deputy for the chairman of the Association of Real Estate Appraisers in Israel and chairman of the Association’s Further Education Committee

2004 –     Law studies at the Academic Campus in Kiriat Ono

2003 –     Examiner for Practical Valuation examinations on behalf of the Ministry of Justice

2002 –     Chairman of the Further Education Committee of the Association of Real Estate Appraisers in Israel and an Association member

2000 –     Graduate of an expert professional opinions course

1999 –     Graduate of a mediation and compromise course

1996 –     Studies for a Masters degree in Urban Planning at the Faculty of Geography, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

1993 –     Real estate appraiser specializing in land appraisals for large corporations: Mishab, Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, Amot Clal, etc

1993 –     Real estate appraiser’s license No. 324 granted April 24, 1993

1990 –     Graduated from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Geography and Political Science

Graduated from the Tel Aviv branch of the Technion’s property management and real estate appraisal course

Within the scope of his work, he has been involved in a wide range of financial and public activities, including

Fulfilled various functions at the Association of Real Estate Appraisers in Israel and serving as its chairman.
Preparing real estate appraisals for such large corporations as the Apex Fund, Tnuva, Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, Amot, Clal Industries, Bezeq, etc
Preparing appraisals for courts.
Consultant for the Eilat Municipality on matters involving land betterment, accompanying town plans and registration.
Preparing hotel and recreation industry valuations – consultant to the Isrotel hotels chain, and preparing valuations for tourist attractions.
Preparing many valuations for financial statements – I.F.R.S.
Preparing a wide range of property valuations under Standard No. 19 for various banks.