Real estate activities

correct-symbol Large scale property valuations

  1. Accompanying and providing consultancy services for acquisition transactions for the country’s leading corporations that have real estate assets.
  2. Accompanying and providing consultancy services for transactions involving the transfer of land between public bodies.
  3. Property valuations for large institutions for their financial statements and otherwise.

correct-symbol Appraisals for financial statements

  1. Providing valuations for balance sheet purposes.
  2. Valuations for purposes of financial statements presented to the Securities Authority within the scope of the Israeli Accounting Standard No. 16 and Standard 1.17 of the Israel Appraisals Standards Committee which is an organ of the Israel Real Estate Appraisers Council.

correct-symbol Urban renewal valuations

  1. Accompanying evacuation and reconstruction projects through corporations managed on behalf of the Ministry of Housing.
  2. Accompanying evacuation and reconstruction projects on behalf of private entrepreneurs.
  3. Accompanying projects involving National Outline Plan 38

correct-symbol Compensation

  1. Compulsory acquisition compensation – assessing compensation for compulsory acquisitions for public purposes, including representation on committees and expert opinions for courts. Evacuation valuations include, inter alia, goodwill and damages. These also include handling matters involving infrastructure: roads, gas & electricity.
  2. Reduction in value – assessing a reduction in land value, buildings and systems and in respect of any injury owing to town planning and/or engineering works.
  3. Consultations – providing consultancy services to state authorities and institutions for purposes of acquiring land for public purposes including the preparation of compulsory acquisition maps.

correct-symbol Land taxation

  1. Land taxation – valuing land for objections to appeals committeess.
  2. Land Betterment Levy – preparing valuations for local authorities, entrepreneurs and land owners. Preparing “a different valuation” and being appointed as adjudicating appraiser according to the Third Schedule of the Town Planning Law in its formulation prior to Amendment 84 of the Town Planning Law. Preparing valuations and appearing before adjudicating appraisers under Amendment 84 of the above law.
  3. The Israel Land Authority – valuations within the scope of submitting objections and appeals against decisions by the Israel Land Authority Council. Providing consulting services on matters involving changes in zoning, permit fees and consent fees.
  4. Municipal taxes – the company has provided consulting services for setting up municipal taxation systems in various cities in Israel.

correct-symbol Engineering projects

  1. Assessing economic feasibility, engineering accompaniment, supervision and coordination.
  2. Construction deficiency appraisals.

correct-symbol Valuations in the field of town planning & construction

  1. Accompanying town planning – preparation, accompanying and negotiating town plans; preparing amalgamation & parcelation (reparcelation) tables. Conducting financial feasibility studies to maximize land betterment.
  2. Reduction in value – valuations on the subject of injury to land that was not caused by way of compulsory acquisition under Article 197 of the Town Planning Law, 5725.
  3. Land Betterment Levy – as stated in paragraph 3b. above.
  4. Boundaries – providing consulting services and accompanying the making of changes to municipal boundariess.
  5. Surveys – conducting economic and fiscal surveys.

correct-symbol Valuations for banks

  1. Valuations for purposes of collateral appertaining to receipt of credit under Amendment 19 of the Israeli Property Appraisal Standards Committee.
  2. Valuations for purposes of obtaining mortgages.
  3. Preparing ‘zero reports’ for projects (feasibility studies).

correct-symbol Experts on behalf of law courts, arbitrations

We are appointed on behalf of various courts to provide expert opinions, inter alia, on the following matters:

  1. Compulsory acquisition compensation.
  2. Valuations for the Family Matters Court.
  3. Construction deficiencies.
  4. The liquidation of partnerships.
  5. Accompanying appraiser on behalf of receiverships.

correct-symbol Special valuations

Valuations for fuel filling stations.

  1. Land valuations for cement factories.
  2. Valuations for quarries and landfills.
  3. Valuations of protected tenants’ rights.
  4. Valuations for large commercial tenders.
  5. Valuations for the kibbutz agreements.
  6. Valuations within the scope of the privatization of kibbutzim.
  7. Valuations for special evacuations – the evacuation of the Sinai Peninsula, the Disconnection with Gaza Plan.
  8. Valuations for Israel’s ports and marinas.
  9. Assessing damage to special Israel Defense Force (IDF) buildings.

correct-symbol Hotels and tourism

  1. Valuations of active hotels.
  2. Valuations of tourist attractions.
  3. Valuations of marine installations, marinas, beaches.